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DCDE.ru - russian/english wrong keyboard layout mistypes decoder

on 2010-10-12

Recently I've written a web app whose purpose is to aid people who switch between Russian and English QWERTY keyboard layouts and often mistype what they intend to with a wrong layout. Usually switching the layout and retyping the same thing is more effort than clicking through a Google search result that shows the mapping from the wrong to the right text. Or copying the mistyped text and pasting it into the web app. For people who mistype very often, there's even a search plugin for popular browsers.

It's my first try at a web application implemented in Python so it may have a few rough edges, but it already shows some interesting results.

The most popular mistypes seem to currently be:

цшлшзувшф (wikipedia)

crfxfnm (скачать)

ajnj (фото)

jlyjrkfccybrb (одноклассники)

цццюьфшдюкг (www.mail.ru)

офтвучюкг (jandex.ru)

нфтвучюкг (yandex.ru)

кфьидукюкг (rambler.ru)

ьфшдюкг (mail.ru)

7яшз (7zip)

нщгегиуюсщь (youtube.com)

дшмуощгктфдюсщь (livejournal.com)

d rjynfrnt (в контакте)

drjynfrnt (вконтакте)

Ылнзу (Skype)

gjujlf (погода)

yjdjcnb (новости)

Try the browser search plugin, it's fun!